Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Don't Use That Tootbrush!

One of my “regular hookups” was living in Philly a few years ago. I was living in Virginia and our mutual friend was going to be in North Carolina on business. The friend is an old drinking buddy, and we’ve got into a little trouble in the past with our stupidity. The girl and I decided to take a little road trip to see him in NC. The Philly girl met me in VA and we took one car down to NC.

I didn’t have much to do while my friend was working, so of course I found the first bar. He finally wrapped up his business for the day and had an early flight out the next morning. To the bars we went. We pounded beers like there was no tomorrow. I had already been drinking most of the day, so into the evening I decided I was so wrecked that I needed to go back to the hotel. Not sure how I made it there by myself, but I did, while the girl and my friend were still in the bar. About an hour after I passed out, I remember the girl coming into the room to check on me. My friend ended up hooking up with a girl he met that night, so the Philly girl and I had the hotel to ourselves. We started going at it, and eventually made our way into the shower where we finished. Now bodies can move around a lot during sex, especially in a shower. I heard something fall in the tub and when I looked down I thought “uh-oh”. Apparently my friend brushed his teeth in the shower, because the noise I heard was his toothbrush hitting the tub. The girl picked it up and put it back, and I said “that’s sick”. I busted a nut on the floor of the shower, my buddy’s toothbrush was in the same spot a few seconds later, and she said “don’t tell him”.  Disgusting.

The next morning my friend came rushing in to the room. He had an 8:00 flight and had overslept at the girls house where he shacked up the previous night. He was going nuts, throwing clothes into a suitcase, running around, and yup, you guessed it, brushing his teeth. I started laughing so hard, and he asked me what was so funny. I couldn’t even speak because of how hard I was laughing, and that just made him even more mad. He cursed at me, finished brushing his teeth, and left for the airport.

I was finally able to tell him what was so funny a day or two later. He swore at me, threw his toothbrush in the trash, and hung up the phone.

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