Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rudely Interrupted

Trips to Montreal were fairly common when I lived up North. It was only an hour and a half drive and it’s a fun city for a young guy in his 20’s. Sometimes if we didn’t feel like driving all the way up there we’d stop at a little hole in the wall called Club Erotica. This place was a little strip club in the middle of nowhere on the road to Montreal. We could make it there in 45 minutes or so, and they offered the same “benefits” as many of the other clubs in the city.

A couple friends and I headed up there one afternoon for beers and titties. One was a college buddy and the other was a girl who I’ve mentioned before that has wanted to be with me for 15 years. Although we’ve never dated, she tends to get pretty jealous at times, so having her drive us to the club was a bad idea from the start.

We were just hanging out for a while, drinking some Canadian beer, talking with the strippers, and having a good time. There were only about 8 people in the place. After several beers and shots, my buddy and I started thinking about spending some cash on strippers instead of just beer. My buddy was the first to succumb to the pressure of “don’t you want a private dance?”. He went into the private area and was gone for a good 20 minutes. He came out looking a little embarassed, because the girl that drove us there thought he was the squeaky-clean type.

While he was getting his “dance”, a guy walked in the door and I thought “holy shit”. It was a good friend of my brother. Talk about random. Here we were in another country, some hole in the wall place, and in walks my brother’s friend who I hadn’t seen in about 3 years. When I was talking with him, one of the dancers approached me and asked if I wanted a private dance. She was pretty hot, I was going to pick one of the girls anyway, so why not. We headed into a little “stall” where the action takes place, probably 4 feet by 4 feet with a curtain across the entrance, and she started dancing. After a couple minutes of fondling her tits she offered to give me a little something extra. We started going at it, and then I heard someone saying “Jake”. I knew it was my brother’s friend, and I just ignored him. He kept calling my name louder, and even started knocking on the wood outside my booth. I told him to go away and then he opened the curtain while I was going at it. He said “give me $50″. Come on, this really couldn’t wait? I told him to get the hell out and I’d give him money later. Then a stripper popped her head around the corner and said “your friend owes me money”. This was like a bad dream…trying to get a nut and people keep opening the curtain and having conversations with me. I threw the girl a $50 and finished up.

I was a little angry at this point that someone would interrupt me like that. When I came out of the booth, the friend I went there with told me our ride had left. Apparently she was jealous that I was with a stripper doing “who knows what” and she left us stranded in Canada. My friend was able to convince her to come back and pick us up, but she was about 20 minutes down the road already headed home. I might still be there if my friend wasn’t able to sweet talk her a little. She picked us up, told me never to talk to her again, and it was a long, quiet ride home.

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