Monday, December 3, 2007

A Bad Game of Strip Poker

Many years ago I used to work at a restaurant/bar in a small town. The owner of the place, my boss, was a hard-ass and had a short temper. He was the kind of guy you didn’t want to mess with. Of course I had to try my luck. He hired his niece for one summer, and gave me specific instructions not to hit on her. She was only 18 at the time, and she was smokin’ hot. Tall, brunette, great body, and a little bit of an air-head. I liked my odds on this one.

I was house-sitting one week for my friends parents who lived right around the corner from the place I worked at. I figured this would be a great opportunity to get this girl alone and put the moves on. The night she was going to come over, my friend showed up after work and I enlisted his help. The plan was to have him come over to the house as well, and we’d get a game of strip poker going. This girl said she had no idea how to play poker, so we would just cheat and make sure she got naked.

The first few games my friend and I had pretty good hands, but nothing crazy because we didn’t want to make it obvious we were cheating. She ended up in her bra and panties pretty quick. From that point forward it went downhill fast.

My friend and I continued to cheat, but this girl was pulling amazing cards with each hand. We’d end up with 3 of a kind by cheating, she’d get a flush. We’d get a flush, she’d get a full house. We’d get a full house, she’d get a straight flush. After losing several hands in a row, I finally said “If I lose again this is my last hand”. Sure enough, I lost again. So here I was, losing a bunch of hands at strip poker, my buddy sitting next to me completely naked, and now I’m forced to remove my last stitch of clothing as well. As soon as she got her satisfaction of beating us, she promptly stood up and said “see ya later”. She walked out of the house. I looked over at my buddy, realizing now there were just two guys sitting on a couch, butt naked, and no women in the house, and I said “put your fucking clothes on”.

To this day I still think she was cheating us and we didn’t know it.

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