Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dodging Bullets with STD's

I’ve been fairly lucky over the years when it comes to not contracting any sexually transmitted diseases.  I’ve been with a few girls that have contracted STD’s after I’ve been with them.

Girl #1: This chick used to work for me and we ended up sleeping together one night.  One time deal, nothing ongoing, although not for lack of effort.  My buddy hooked up with her on a couple of occasions after I did, and ended up getting gonorrhea from her.

Girl #2: I actually liked this chick and thought about dating her until I realized how much she slept around.  She ended up sleeping with one of my friends and he said she bit his nipple so hard that he thought she tore it off.  I found out shortly after that she had chlamydia.

Girl #3: I dated this chick for a couple of years.  Until a few months ago we still hooked up on occasion.  She finally got over me and decided to “move on with her life”.  After the last time we slept togethe, she slept with some other guy and he gave her the gift that keeps on giving - herpes. Now she’s using a dating website for people with herpes.

Like most guys my age, I haven’t always been smart when it comes to safe sex.  I’ve definitely been in the “at-risk” category at times, especially with the number of hookers I’ve had sex with.  The Red Cross won’t even let me be a blood donor unless I abstain from prostitutes for a while.  Good luck on that!

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