Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Keep It In Your Pants, or Keep It In the Family

I dated a chick a while back that lived in a small town which I’ll refer to as “Smalltown”. It was never anything serious in my eyes, but she thought otherwise. She used to show up at my house occasionally with her 2 year old son and that was just a little too much baggage for me.

Fast forward a couple of years. I started dating this other chick in my own town, and the relationship went on for a couple of years. One day we were talking about people we’ve dated, and somehow the subject came up about people in Smalltown. She asked if I’ve ever dated anyone in Smalltown and I said yes. She knew a few people in Smalltown so of course she wanted to know the girls name. I gave her the first name only and she said “Oh my God”. I thought to myself “yeah right” like she really knew who I was talking about. She said “was her last name XXX?” and at that point my jaw dropped. “Oh shit, she knows one of my ex’s” I thought. She started to get into a lot of detail about this other chick and was starting to freak me out until she dropped the bomb on me. “That’s my fucking cousin”. Talk about a small world.

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