Saturday, December 1, 2007

This Is Not My Office...

I love that one line from Beverly Hills Cop where Paul Reiser gets busted in the chief’s office and plays dumb by saying “this is not my office”. I’ve had the opportunity to use it myself.

My ex-girlfriend and I took a trip to Dallas a couple of years ago. She had family that lived there and her cousin took us out to a bar one night. The bar was pretty cool…an older looking Irish Pub with a cobblestone floor. At some point I went to the back of the bar to use the bathroom and when I came out I noticed another door. Curiosity got the best of me, so I opened the door and took a peek. It was another section of the bar that was closed off. My ex came out of the ladies room about that time and asked what I was doing. I grabbed her hand and dragged her into the other section with me and shut the door behind us. We hopped behind the bar, I lifted up her skirt, and she just leaned on the bar like she was waiting for a customer. A few minutes into this we heard footsteps, but it was too late. Two guys and a girl came in through another door, apparently a rear entrance to the pub, and totally busted us. There was nothing we could do to hide what we were doing, so I just kept on going. They made some comment like “yeah, way to go” and I said “this is not my office”.

We eventually made our way back to the table with her cousin and got all sorts of looks, like they couldn’t believe we just did that.

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