Saturday, December 1, 2007

Where's My Mommy?

A few years ago I lived in a townhouse with two guys and a girl.  The girl had her sister visit for a few days, and the sister brought a friend who was married and had 3 kids.  It was a lot of people in a little three bedroom townhouse, but I made the best of it and tried to conserve space if you know what I mean.  The friend was a heavy set black girl, and I was determined to hook up with her because I hadn't been with a lot of black girls.  We all went out to a bar one night and I was really pouring on the charm.  By the time we got back home we were pretty liquored up and the inevitable happened.

She came into my bedroom and hopped into bed with me around 3am.   We made small talk for a bit and then started going at it.  I was so drunk I couldn't get a nut, so it just went on for hours, doing pretty much everything under the sun to each other.  Finally around 7am we heard a little noise outside my bedroom door, so somebody was awake.  Next came a knock on the door and it cracked open right after that.  Who the hell was coming into my room when I was with this chick?  Turns out it was one of her kids, and he politely asked "is my mommy in there?"  What the hell was I supposed to tell him, that I nailed her for a few hours and she was passed out?  "Nope, haven't seen her but I'm sure she'll turn up".  He shut the door and went to watch cartoons or something.  A little while later she got up, and the second she walked out my door her son was there waiting and said "I knew you were in there, I heard you".

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