Monday, January 14, 2008

My Living Room Has Turned Into a Whorehouse!

A few years ago I lived with my cousin. She was attending a massage school to become a certified massage therapist and she met another girl in class who she became friends with. The girl was “down on her luck” so my cousin offered to help her out. The girl moved into our house and camped out in the living room. She put sheets up to block off the entrances to the room, and a sheet up to cover the picture window in front so people couldn’t see in from outside. Little did she know that you could see in just fine when it was dark out.

This girl was kind of cute at first. She was actually a stripper at a local strip club. After a few weeks of her living in my house she started bringing guys home from work. Every night a different guy. She’d bring him into our living room and nail him right there, and anybody in front of the house could see what was going on inside. She literally turned my living room into a whorehouse! I hooked her up on rent pretty good, but apparently I should have been charging her by the hour instead, or maybe taken a percentage of sales.

A few weeks ago I went to the strip club that she worked at and got talking with one of the dancers who had been there for a long time. She actually knew the chick that used to live with me, and said she got fired for fucking customers and stealing a bunch of money from them too. That one caught my attention, because she was the stripper who stole a few hundred bucks from me in one of my previous posts about strippers. The stripper I was talking to said the other girl got knocked up and moved to California. I’m sure she’s in a trailer park now.

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