Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ashley Alexander Dupre Review

With all the talk about Elliot Spitzer these days and his former hooker Ashley Alexander Dupre, I figured I’d give my “professional” 2 cents.

Ashley is capitalizing on her new-found fame by releasing music, spending time with the Girls Gone Wild crew, and I’m sure a book deal is already in the works. Someone needs to stop this girl. The fact that she’s getting her 15-minutes of fame is not the issue with me. The real issue is the prices she charged as an escort. I mean really, I heard she was making over $4,000 per “date” with Spitzer. Yes, I hook up with a lot of fat chicks, but I do still know a good looking girl when I see one, and I don’t see anything special about Ashley Dupre. Yeah, she’s OK looking, but I’ve had much hotter escorts (c’mon, they’re hookers…say it with me now…HOO-KERS). I’ve not only had hotter hookers than Ashley Dupre, but I’ve had them for $300. And that’s Canadian money back in the day (like $200 USD), bitches! Get off this Ashley Alexander Dupre kick people, because she’s just another whore, and a rip-off at that. Support your local prostitutes!

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