Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Own Personal Glory Hole

A few years back I used to work with this hot blonde chick. I’m talking smokin’ hot. We worked with kids and were in charge of a social event one evening. We brought them to a roller skating rink. I was all excited to be out with this girl in more of a social setting instead of the usual office routine.

I threw on a decent shirt, my favorite jeans (even though they had a hole in the crotch) and headed out the door. I pulled up to the roller skating rink and saw this girl through the window. Man, she looked even hotter in “regular” clothes. A perfect ass, perky little tits, all in all about a 9.8 on the Jake scale. We rented our roller skates and I got to show off my moves I perfected in the early 80’s.

After a while we sat down on a couple of benches and just talked for a bit. We hit it off pretty well and she kept staring at my crotch, so I took that as a pretty good sign that she was interested. She made it pretty obvious too, like she couldn’t take her eyes off my goods. After a while we went our separate ways and I headed back home. I walked in the door and sat on my couch, still thinking about how hot this chick looked, but starting to wonder why she kept staring at me. I felt a little breeze, and when I looked down I realized the hole in my crotch had gotten a lot bigger, and my “goods” were right there for the world to see. Evidently my junk wanted to get a little air and made its way out of my boxers and into plain view. Holy shit, that’s why she was staring at me…she was trying to tell me that my shit was hanging out. How did the hole in my jeans get so much bigger? How did I not feel that something was “out there”? How the fuck could I face this girl again? We never ended up going out, and work was never quite the same after that incident.

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