Friday, March 17, 2017

Water Head and Other Fun Lake Activities

I used to have a boat that I kept in one of the local lakes during the summer. The boat itself wasn't much to brag older (late 90's) 25' cruiser. It was a lot of fun though, for a few reasons. Since it was kept less than 5 miles from my house at the time, it made for a great short-term getaway from "Fat Angie" when I felt like fucking good looking chicks instead of fat rolls. Oh boy, if that boat could talk, she would have some stories to tell.

See, the advantage of using a boat to cheat on your girlfriend is that you can literally go out to the middle of the lake where you are guaranteed to NEVER get caught. No need to keep quiet, no need to keep looking over your shoulder. Oh yeah, and chicks dig boats. Some nights I didn't even bother going out on the lake though. I just kicked back on the lounge seat and let things happen, right there on the dock. That seat was one of the best parts of the boat. It was long enough for me to stretch out at over 6' tall, and it had a little bend in it where my chicks could sit comfortably on their knees. Of course it was also vinyl, so cleanup was a breeze!

The cabin had a decent-sized bed though, and the ceiling was carpeted. That meant my girls could lay back, put their feet on the ceiling, and I could stand just off the edge of the cushions at just the right height for maximum plow force. I'm telling you, the shit was the perfect setup for some rough action.

The third part of the boat that I enjoyed was the step from the cabin to the upper deck. It was about 18" below the deck, and right next to the captain's chair where I would pilot the boat from. Swivel the captain's chair to the left a bit, have the girl stand on the step, and what do you know...her mouth is right in line with where you want it.

Coming back to port one day I was sitting back, enjoying a sloppy BJ from Fat Angie. Fat chicks love to suck dick but who didn't already know that? I think it's just the act of putting anything in their mouths, whether it be food or flesh. I arrived in the mouth of the bay (pun intended) and wasn't quite ready to finish up. I told her to keep going and I'd let her know when we got back to the marina, because she was not only too short to see over the side of the boat, but she was also on the step, and lower than I was. Her face was getting flush from giving it her all, and I wanted to be a nice guy and help her build her stamina. I mean if she can down a fucking cheesesteak in 3 minutes, why shouldn't she spend 20 working on me? So rather than pull back on the throttle and head to the dock, I did about 5 laps around the bay, waving at other boaters as we cruised by. She just thought we were headed back the whole time but after I unloaded down her throat and onto her 3 chins, she came up topside and realized we were approaching the marina from the opposite direction. When asked why we were coming from the other direction, I simply replied "because I was pleasuring you".

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